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How it Works!

Although OTEKA SOLUTIONS is honored to be chosen as your launching pad, all projects are not created equal.  For that reason, we  begin each opportunity with an intake evaluation to determine compatibility. Once compatibility is established and a plan is agreed upon, the work begins.

Branding Solutions

We provide Branding Solutions for companies with new or existing products.  Our team of Problem Solvers will begin the Discovery Phase, gathering historical data on current marketing strategies, industry trends, consumer demographics and gain insight into the company’s branding vision.  This information is used to design a more intentional and deliberate branding solution for targeted audiences

Product Launching

Our team evaluates your product’s market by investigating competitors marketing strategies and industry trends. A product niche is determined, and a strategic  plan is created with an identified  targeted audience

Market Identification

Our team will work to identify the product’s consumers.  Through a SWOT analysis, our team dissects the products current branding position, breaking down gender, social, generational, socio-economic, cultural or religious barriers that impact branding.  Through this branding dissection bias are identified, eliminated and replaced with a new and inclusive branding message

Product Revitalization

Our team breathes life into dead or stalled product by working with companies to gain a new vision and purpose for the product. Through the SWOT analysis and brand dissection, our team is able to create a fresh branding perspective on products and change the trajectory of expectations.

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