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OTEKA SOLUTIONS, LLC , founded in 2016 , is a strategic solutions-based company that launches revolutionary products, providing solutions for global problems. OTEKA SOLUTIONS works with companies to launch new products or revitalize the branding of existing products.  Providing more than just a marketing strategy, OTEKA’s goal is to identify the strengths and challenges of a company and pinpoint the impact it has on branding. By identifying and breaking down these barriers the core needs of the consumers are exposed.  OTEKA SOLUTIONS is then able to develop a cross over strategy, opening the doors to untapped markets expanding the product’s audience and brand exposure.

The Founder

Kimberly St Clair is an award-winning sales professional and the owner and founder of OTEKA SOLUTIONS. A native of St Louis, MO she is a graduate of Cardinal Ritter College Prep high school and an alumnus of Webster University, earning a Bachelor of Art degree in psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.  Her combined years of customer focused experience has sharpened her critical thinking skills, broadened her sense of cultural awareness and deepened her social acuity while fostering an intuitive ability to identify the needs of consumers and create a unique product niche. OTEKA SOLUTIONS, LLC is the result of applied knowledge, know-how and the expertise of a career problem solver where revolutionary products are birthed, and global problems are solved 

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